AQUILEGIA – artistic research in the nature region of the river Sieg by Benedetta Reuter (Concept & Performance) in collaboration with Amanda Romero (Performance) and Sebastian Nippold (Wushu Training) / Eitorf 2022

ACQUARANTENA – short film by Benedetta Reuter (Art direction & concept / Performance ) in collaboration with Sara Blasco (Video Art & Videomaking) / Cologne 2021

SONIQ Dance – a multi-disciplinary project of the SONIQ music collective with dance guests Meera Varghese (South Indian Bharatanatyam dancer) and Benedetta Reuter (contemporary dance and improvisation) / Cologne 2019-20

TEMBO – dance & music project by Benedetta Reuter (Concept / Dance / Sounds) in collaboration with Duu Top Acoustic (Music / Dance) / Cologne 2019

FRAGIL UND AGIL – dance and music project by Benedetta Reuter (Concept / Choreography / Dance) in collaboration with Bassem Hawar (Djoze) and Nicola Hein (Soundart) / Cologne 2018

THE FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE – dance and music project for one dancer, two musicians and a golden fabric – Dar es Salaam / Cologne 2018

BASSO CONTINUO – My Body is my Home – dance and music project by Benedetta Reuter (Concept / Choreography / Dance) in collaboration with Giulia Loli aka Mutamassik (Music / Sound) and Aurora Rodonò (Dramaturgy / Word) / Cologne 2017

ELECTRIC TIRE-LAND – dance and soundart project for tires, bodies and sound objects – Benedetta Reuter (Choreography / Concept), Nicola L. Hein (Sound) / Cologne 2015 / Dar es Salaam 2016

The Fold (Dance Project) – Tim O’Dwyer (Saxophone & Electronics / Concept), Benedetta Reuter (Dance) / Cologne 2014

Mabati Roof and Dance Project – Dance cooperation between Monica Adhiambo (Nairobi, Kenya), Benedetta Reuter (Cologne, Germany) and all the youth of the Wayo Wayo dance crew / Nairobi 2014

MAUA – German-Kenyan dance-and-health-project for women in Naivasha/ Kenya / Naivasha 2013

inside out side outside inside THIS CONTAINER IS GOING ANYWHERE, WHAT IS INSIDE? – Installation performance by Benedetta Reuter (Cologne) and Kepha Oiro (Nairobi) / Bayreuth 2012

4 Hugo Ball – Tribute to Hugo Ball, Dadaism and Sound Poetry – A figure of paper and sand appearing alone (Benedetta Reuter/ Dance) as well as in group (as a trio with Katharina Nieradzik/ Dance and Gernot Bogumil/ Pocket Trumpet), sometimes even within performances of others … / Cologne 2011

Wonderings – One-time performance, Strom Festival 2011, Cologne – Benedetta Reuter (Dance / Concept), Gerno Bogumil (Pocket Trumpet) and Claus Dieter Geissler (overhead projector) / Cologne 2011

The Hand – Benedetta Reuter (Dance), Claus Dieter Geissler (overhead projector) / Cologne 2011

Katzenmusik (=cat-music) – site specific interventions, freely inspired by the spirit of Marcovaldo by Italian writer Italo Calvino – Benedetta Reuter (Dance), Gerno Bogumil (Pocket Trumpet) / Cologne 2008

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