Projects with kids

Since 2005 I also work regularly with children and youth. These projects are part of my artistic practice in which I get in touch and artistically interact with different people in a variety of contexts.

This overview presents a selection of my collaborations with other artists and with institutions within this field:


Federica Loredan (Body Music)

Laura Robles (Percussions)

Duu Top Acoustic (Percussions & Dance)

Georg Wissel (Saxophon)

Ronja Nadler (Contemporary Dance)

Elena Martino (Contemporary Dance/Aerial Yoga)

Joscha Oetz (Double Bass)

Achim Tang (Double Bass)

Ramesh Shotham (Percussions)

Elisabeth Fügemann (Cello)

Holger Mertin (Percussions)

KlangKörper Artists‘ Pool (Music and Dance)

Kefa Oiro (Contemporary Dance/Afrofusion)

Monica Adhiambo (Contemporary Dance/Afrofusion)

Dawa Mafunga (Contemporary Dance/Afrofusion)

André Jolles (Contemporary Dance)

Sonia Franken (Contemporary Dance)

Lina do Carmo (Contemporary Dance)


Tanzvermittlung NRW

Offene Jazz Haus Schule Köln

ON Neue Musik Köln

687 e.V.

Jekits Stiftung

Iwalewa Haus Bayreuth

Wayo Wayo Africa Nairobi (now Wale Wale Kenya)

Chrisckenya Fahari girls program Nairobi

Barnes Crossing Köln

Theater Marabu Bonn

Kölner Philharmonie

Yehudi Menuhin Stiftung Deutschland


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